How to Pack Light for Your Flight

Are you a frequent traveler? If you find yourself flying a lot than you could benefit from learning how to pack light. Who better to ask the question of how to pack light than to a flight attendant. Flight attendants are masters at packing lite. Not only do they have to look good, but between all the connecting flights they have to manage everyday they had better be packing light as well. According to an article, flight attendants are used to packing lightlyfor the reason just mentioned, they are constantly moving from one air plane to another. The more you pack the more you pay in luggage fees plus the more you have to keep track of. It would be more worth your time to learn how to be a lighter packer this way, you have less to worry about and it won’t cost you as much. So how does someone pack light? First tip for being a lightweight packer is to get yourself a rolling suitcase. Rolling suitcases are easy to get around the airport and also prevent your clothes from wrinkling. Plan on wearing your bulkier item and sticking your thinned lighter stuff in your suitcase.


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